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He Buys Deeply Discounted
HUD Homes and Sells them by
Sending out a Text Message?


Build An Automated H.U.D. Wholesaling Business In Less Than 5 Weeks With The Most Dynamic Coaching Program We Have Ever Created Use The "Done For You" H.U.D. Profit Predictor Algorithm & 31 Unknown H.U.D. Insider Secrets to Achieve Massive Success

And Combine..

The Buyers on Fire 2.0 software to build the Biggest, Most Responsive Buyers list on the Planet so you can now start selling all of your properties (Or Other People's) just by sending out a simple email or Text Message

For a Limited Time I have decided to Reveal My Little Known,  Best Kept Secrets That Reveal How To Make A Monsoon Of Money Quick-Turning H.U.D. Homes And Government Foreclosures.

I Want To Invite You To Join Me In The Most Dynamic 5 WEEK COACHING PROGRAM I Have Ever Created….Where I Will Teach You Every Single Detail, Every Secret And Every Step Of The H.U.D. Property Flipping Process.

Here's what I will cover when you join me in The H.U.D. Wholesaling 5 Week Coaching Program. (Yes you get my Automated HUD Buying Spreadsheet and my quick Deal Analyzer).

Check out the agenda here...


  • See how my proprietary "SECRET" H.U.D. SPREADSHEET tells you what to bid on each property and when to make the bid.
  • See how the "SECRET" H.U.D. spreadsheet calculates all the offers, counteroffers and winning bid prices.
  • Know what H.U.D. will accept before you even start bidding.
  • Know how many other bids were placed on the property so you'll know who your buyers are.
  • Know exactly what to do next every time.
  • It tells us how interested the public is before you buy it.
  • PLUS…Watch us bid on H.U.D. properties live.
  • PLUS…We will answer all your questions through live Q&A and break it down.


  • Know all 31 H.U.D. tip and tricks that they don't publish on any public website that will allow you to buy lower than all your competition.
  • Get to know the exact step-by-step H.U.D. bidding process so you can predict what happens next.
  • Buy homes for 25% less than your competition and 25% less than the PUBLIC PRICE from right under your competition and the real estate agent's feet through a back door link.
  • See how to make properties disappear from the MLS and the public's eye and have your competition scratching their heads while you are smiling all the way to the bank.
  • Know how and why H.U.D. will accept "John Cochran's" personal offers over "ABC LLC" company offers every day of the week.
  • PLUS… we will answer all your questions through live Q&A and break it down.

SESSION 3 – NEVER OVERPAY (90 minutes)

  • Get the Profit Predictor Worksheet that tells you exactly what any fees are and what your profit check will be on every deal.
  • The Magic Formula and the Profit Predictor virtually guarantee you will never overpay for a H.U.D. home.
  • Have full confidence you are doing a profitable deal every time.
  • Don't be Frozen in Fear. Never second-guess. The Profit Predictor gives you the confidence of knowing will always do thing right thing or you simply walk away.


  • I will show you exactly how to fill out the H.U.D. Purchase Agreements, plus all disclosures.
  • I will walk you through the H.U.D. BUYER'S PACKET. This is simple, actually, BUT if you mess it up you'll lose the deal. Know exactly how to dot every "I" and cross every "T."
  • How to upset all the H.U.D. asset managers and listing agents and how to avoid it.
  • How to pull the "no risk" parachute/escape clause if you cannot find a buyer or get funding before you buy.


  • 8 different strategies to get regular public buyers begging you to flip them your deals.
  • How to get multiple offers on all your H.U.D. homes with or without a listing agent.
  • How to increase your profit by 50% on every deal with 2-hour auctions.
  • How to make an extra 25% more per year without buying any more homes.
  • How to keep your home hunting expenses below $2 a house.
  • How to control H.U.D. homes with $2 or less.
  • How to get all your wholesaling competition buying all your properties.
  • Sell your house at lightning speed every time.


  • Never again worry about funding your deals. EVER!
  • Meet our lenders and funding partners who will fund your deals
  • Where to get the money to quick-turn houses.
  • Get the capital to fund all your H.U.D. flips.
  • The ins and outs of private lending, hard money lending and transactional funding.
  • Meet our funding partners during a special expert interview
  • We will introduce you to our funding partners.


  • I will analyze your market and your deals and out the "Secret H.U.D. Spreadsheet" into action for you.
  • We cover case studies
  • I Analyze 10 Deals on the Call "Live Action"
  • You will be able to look over my shoulder to see how I analyze EVERY SINGLE DEAL


  • The foundations of a six-figure foreclosure business in 5 weeks or less.
  • I will show you and tell you exactly what to do now that you have all the knowledge to get your first check.
  • Put it all together and feel the fulfillment of knowing you made a great investment.
  • I walk you through a deal from start to finish. Watch what was going through my head before I even bid on this home and then watch me do a
    Back to BAck transaction and make $7,641.18 on this deal. Pssst.. I didn't EVEN have a buyers list in this area and I still got 3 contracts on this house!!


  • How to have My Virtual Assistant do all the work for you for less than $500 a month.
  • How to only work 5 hours a week, and have someone else run the business for $3.15 an hour.
  • See how My Virtual Assistants run his H.U.D. flipping business. Then simply hire them to do it for you.
  • I will EVEN train a Virtual Assistant in this Module to do this work FOR YOU!
  • And just watch your entire business run on autopilot.


  • Walk through 15 super profitable H.U.D. and R.E.O. rehabbing case studies with Josh Cantwell.
  • See how Josh Cantwell rehabs H.U.D. homes for big profits.
  • Josh don't ever do a H.U.D. rehab UNLESS we can make $40,000 each.
  • Josh make nearly six-figures from just 2-3 deals a year working part-time. See how we do it without ever swinging a hammer.
  • Add other foreclosure techniques to your H.U.D. business.
  • Make big profits with REOs and rehabs without any of your own money.

Get started now. You've never had this much access to real guys doing real deals like these.

I could give you EVERY single tip, trick and system that I have to make an embarrassing amount of money buying deeply discounted HUD homes using all my techniques and my secret HUD spreadsheet but what's the point if you're not able to sell them for a profit????

Combined with my HUD Training Program I'm going to give you an  unfair advantage and grant you access to my software Buyers on Fire 2.0

The Buyers on Fire 2.0 Software (This creates the Biggest, Most Responsive Buyers List on the planet with COMPLETE AUTOMATON putting you into the drivers seat of your own business)

Check Out All The Mind-Blowing
Features OF Buyers On Fire 2.0...

1.The Ultimate CRM Package:

You get a complete robust Client Relationship Management software with a sexy, easy to use user interface. You'll love how easy it is to manage your Real Estate business whether you're a Realtor or a Real Estate Investor.

2. High Converting Lead Generation Websites:

Our proven, high converting squeeze page templates are designed to instantly drop buyer leads directly into your Buyers On Fire mailbox.

Instantly our Buyers on Fire software will start building a relationship FOR you on these leads, making you the expert and giving you a highly responsive buyers list all at the same time.

Wait until you send out your first blast email or SMS to your responsive list. You'll need more homes to sell!

3. 100% customizable websites:

All of our proven, high converting websites are 100% customizable to you and your business, if you choose. It's not necessary, but you have the option!

4. Email Marketing:

You get a powerful, bulletproof, built in email marketing platform. No need to sign up for a third party provider to send out emails to your Buyers List. Our software will do it all, building rapport with your buyers around the clock on autopilot.

5. Text Message Marketing:

Built in Text Message Marketing. No need to sign up for a costly third party provider to send out text messages to your buyers' phone #'s. With Buyers on Fire 2.0, NOT only can you send out SMS's, but you can do it with a local Phone Number. No more short codes. Our software will do it all.

6. Voicemail Marketing:

Built in Voicemails. You can send a voicemail to your buyers list AND skip their ringer, so no more sketchy phone calls that you know is a blast.

7. CEO Dashboard:

Every single one of your stats for your entire Real Estate business will automatically be located right in our Dashboard. Just log in anytime and get a complete picture of how well your business is doing. Remember, if you don't know your numbers, you don't know ANYTHING!

8. Auto-Tasking:

Want to let a robot complete all your daily tasks for you? With Buyer son Fire 2.0 you can have perfect follow up and let our software do EVERY bit of the grunt work. This will save you 20 hours a week and give you Flawless follow up with your buyers and your daily tasks.

9. Custom Reporting:

With the click of a button you'll know virtually any stat or custom report of every email, text message, or voicemail that ever left the system and much much more!

10. Instant Lead Notification:

You will get an instant notification on EVERY buyer lead that comes in from one of your lead capture websites. All in Real Time.

11. Learning Center:

Our learning center is where you will go for all training videos on how to get the most out of our Lead Generation software. Bonus videos included.

12. Add A Team Member:

Create sub-users for your account and limit them to what they can see or do. Perfect for when you decide to hire a personal assistant, Virtual Assistant or any other team member to automate and grow your business further!

13. Tagging:

When building a buyers list you can't just build a MASSIVE LIST. You have to organize that list. Our 100% customized tagging will allow you to group your contacts (Buyers) into a tag to make your Email, SMS, and Voicemail Broadcast make sense to YOUR buyer. They will ALWAYS be interested in the homes you send them.

14. Auto Capture Buyer Phone #'s:

When our Phone number is dialed it will automatically:
- Go onto your buyers list for future marketing
- Be transferred/forwarded wherever you want
- Be tagged into the correct group in your Buyers On Fire database

In other words, if you get a call while you're out in the grocery store, eating dinner, or out having fun… No problem. We will capture that person's info and automatically put them on your buyers list!

15. Campaign Generator:

Create your own Auto responder sequence and use Email, Text Messaging and voicemails in all your sequences. It's easy to setup this deadly combination of tools in your custom campaigns.

We also offer Done-For-You marketing campaigns that are pre-built with all the emails, text messages, and voicemails ready for you to use with the click of a button.

16. Schedule a Broadcast:

You can send a blast email, a blast text message, or a blast voicemail out to your entire list, or just to a specific tag of contacts within our system.

17. My Calendar:

Keep track of your daily life and put it all in your built-in calendar. Remember we also have Auto-Tasks, so this calendar will show you exactly what our Buyers On Fire robot is completing for you on any given day! You can edit this anytime.

18. Document Shop:

Be able to upload and secure all documents that are tied to a contacts record. And easily access them anytime you want to look up a buyers info and contact history.

19. Thread:

Know EVERYTHING that your buyers are doing inside your contact thread and have it time stamped right when they do it. We track all of their movement and put it in a thread so when you talk to them, you'll know EVERYTHING they've clicked on, emailed, and text messaged!

20. Deal Flow:

Watch our smart funnel technology guide you through an entire deal from start to finish, A-to-Z. We hold your hand through it all, so you never ever miss a step. This is truly a breakthrough for any Real Estate investor!

21. Auto Stalker:

Your lead generation websites will all be tied to a searchable property list. This way, you will know EVERY single property that your buyers are looking at on that list and the exact time they viewed a specific property.

You will notice that most buyers will be searching the same style homes in the same neighborhood giving you an unfair advantage in converting them into buying a home form you. If they click it YOU know it. How's that for stalking?? (In a good way of course!)

22. Smart Links:

You can embed 'smart links' in all your digital marketing. Every time your link is clicked you can have Buyers On Fire take any action step you specify. And it will happen immediately, resulting quicker sales for you. (Wait til you see the 'ninja' way in which we use these in our own marketing!)

23. Real Time Notification:

Get notifications in real time. Remember we track everything and pass on that information to you in real time through our notification area. Pay close attention to these pop-ups. These are all RED HOT deals delivered to you instantly.

24. 5:00 Stats:

This is a daily report notification we send you at 5:00 PM daily giving you a birds-eye view of everything our system did you for today.

I have combined and given you a Proven Training Program to get you deeply discounted HUD homes (With no marketing money needed) and the most powerful software you will ever put your hands on so you can sell all of your properties to Eager, HOT and hungry buyers just by sending out a simple email or text message

OH Yeah I almost forgot.. I offer unlimited email and phone support just in case you get stuck and need help!!

There's nothing else you need:
  • To buy HUD’s Inventory cheap and make a TON of money flipping their deals
  • Bid on homes and have No Fear and know you have a solid system and support backing you
  • Organize your business
  • To sell your properties by an SMS or Email
  • To make an EMBARRASSING amount of money
  • Automate EVERYTHING (I’ve went on 19 trips so far this year)
  • Make your Dreams a Reality
  • Have fun!!

I'm putting my money where my mouth is!

The risk is 100% on me…. I know this stuff works ALL OVER the country!!!

I'm giving you 1 powerhouse step by step training program and a buyer grabbing software for the price of 1/2 of what I sell 1 of these for!!! I leave NO questions unanswered.

I feel so confident that the H.U.D. Wholesaling 5 Week Coaching Program combined with my Buyers on Fire 2.0 software is the quick-cash money getting system you’ve been looking for that if you decide not to enroll, I can honestly say there’s not much else I can do for you. SERIOUSLY! This is your opportunity to turn things around. I have spent countless hours creating this system and software for you. I have spent countless hours perfecting it in other markets other than mine in Dayton, Ohio. If you decide not to enroll, I can’t think of any other ways I can help you. If you decide not to enroll, you should probably unsubscribe from my members list and follow people who teach theory and offer a lot of nothing. If you

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